Vital Literary Award

"Golden Sunflower"

The “Golden Sunflower” Award, also known in the public as the Vital Award, is awarded this year for the twenty-third time for the best literary work in the Serbian-speaking genres of novels, short stories, poetry, literary criticism, essays and literary journalism.
The award was first awarded in 1996. to the poetry collection of Ivan V. Lalić, and among the winners are Svetlana Slapšak, Radoslav Petković, Goran Petrovic, Vojislav Karanovic, Vladimir Tasic, Dragan Jovanovic Danilov, Jovica Acin, Mileta Prodanovic, David Albahari, Uglesa Sajtinac and Dragan Velikić. Last year’s winner was Vule Zurić for his novel Maritime and Fear.
The jury unanimously decided to award “Golden Sunflower” for the best book in Serbian language in 2019. would be given to Tanja Stupar Trifunovic for the novel Ever since I bought a swan from the Belgrade Archipelago.