Industrial program

A taste to remember the day!

Vegetable fat (neutral, soy, possibility of application is very high – in multiple food industries and cosmetics). They can be divided by type of production and by purpose.

By type of production:

  • For the confectionery industry (salty, sweet and neutral)
  • For the bakery industry
  • For the butcher industry
  • For the dairy industry
  • For the fast food
  • For cosmetic use

By purpose:

  • For the biscuits
  • For custards
  • For creams
  • For toppings
  • Other (for soups, icecreams, “auxiliary”, universal…)

Industrial margarines neutral, soy, recognizable by their high level of quality with excellent consistency and widespread use – industrial production and production of small batches (hand made).

Margarines for the industrial production of cakes and pastries

  • Margarine casting tables – standard (80% fat)
  • Margarine casting tables – sweet cream flavor (80% fat)
  • Margarine spread (70% fat)

Margarines for the production of bakery products (bread, pastries)

  • Puff pastry margarine (80% fat) Pack 10 kg (5 x 2 kg)
  • Margarine spread for puff pastry (70% fat) Pack 10 kg (5 to 2 kg)
  • Margarine spread for bread and pastries – VITALPEK (70% fat) Pack 10 kg

Particularly suitable for promoting the quality of specialty breads and pastries, extends the freshness of the product, raises the quality level of the product.