About us

Vital is one of the largest and oldest oil and vegetable fats factories in the Balkans. It is synonymous with tradition and quality in this region. After privatization, October 2005. Vital becomes part of Invej Corporation and continues its role as an undoubtedly important actor and leader of economic reality in the market of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. By refining technology, applying new ways of doing business and developing a wide range of products aimed at the most demanding tastes of consumers, Vital has been able to meet the expectations of not only domestic but also foreign markets, which are becoming more and more assertive year by year. Changing lifestyles, new research into human health and its direct connection to nutrition are the basic guidelines that guide the Vital development team when creating new products.

By implementing a rigorous quality control system for all products by introducing the ISO 9001 quality system as well as the HACCP system, using its own accredited laboratory according to ISO 17025 and applying modern methods of application of the latest technical developments in product development, VITAL today achieves its goal of consolidating existing and occupying new market positions. What sets Vital apart and makes it special in the domestic market are many unprofitable activities in the form of ongoing sponsorships and support for artists and cultural institutions. Vital is proud to award the Golden Sunflower Literary Prize for the highest literary achievements in our country. Our pledge for the future is the trust of our customers. In support of this is the anniversary that Vital is celebrating this year – 160 years of tradition of quality products. The focus on nature and healthy living justifies the quality of Vital’s products.