TABLE margarine is made of high-quality vegetable oils and fats with adequate additives. We recommend it for cooking, baking and frying of various dishes. It gives a pleasant aroma and special flavour to fried fish and meat. TABLE Margarine is also used for various types of cakes and it is easily mixed into dough, giving it a fine structure. It is excellent for the preparation of salty spreads, alone or in combination with meat, cheese, vegetables, and spices.

Whipped cream-flavoured TABLE margarine is enriched with vitamins A and D. It is particularly recommended for making cake creams and in preparation of pastry. With the use of our margarine every cake you make will have a delicious, full-bodied _avour of whipped cream.

VITALFIT is made of high quality sunflower oil and vegetable fat with adequate additives. It is ideal for preparation of doughs and creams. It has a reduced fat content (70%).

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