SPREADABLE Margarine is manufactured using high quality vegetable oils and fats with adequate additives. It is recommended for cooking, baking and frying various dishes. It leaves a pleasant aroma and a special taste when used as a dressing for roasted fish and meat. SPREADABLE margarine is used for making sweet pastries as it can be easily mixed in dough, giving it a smooth structure. It is an exceptional ingredient for preparation of savoury spreads, alone or with meat, cheese, vegetable and spices.

SPREADABLE Margarine with whipped cream flavour is enriched with vitamins A and D. It is particularly recommended for preparation of creams and sweet pastry. Our margarine will give your cake a wonderfully rich flavour of whipped cream.

VITALFIT is produced from high quality sunflower oil and vegetable fat with adequate additives. It is an ideal ingredient for doughs and creams. Has reduced fat content (70%).

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