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Vital table margarine

Vital table margarine is the best known margarine in the market, thanks to its long tradition and unsurpassed quality. It is made of high-quality vegetable oils and vegetable fats. It is enriched with vitamins A and D that are important for proper growth and development of organism and for strengthening the immune system.Vital stoni margarin je najpoznatiji margarin na tržištu, zahvaljujući dugoj tradiciji i neprevaziđenom kvalitetu. Proizvodi se od visokokvalitetnih biljnih ulja i biljnih masti. Obogaćen je vitaminima A i D koji su važni za pravilan rast i razvoj organizma i za jačanje imuniteta.


Product Description

TABLE margarine is made of high-quality vegetable oils and fats with adequate additives. We recommend it for cooking, baking and frying of various dishes. TABLE Margarine is also used for various types of cakes, it is easily mixed into the dough giving it a fine structure. It is excellent for preparation of salty spreads, alone or combined with meat, cheese, vegetables, and spices.

TABLE margarine with taste of sweet cream is enriched with vitamins A and D. Especially recommended for making cakes and cake creams. Using our margarine every cake you make will have delicious, full sweet cream taste.

VITALFIT is being produced from high quality sunflower oil and vegetable fat with adequate additives. It is ideal for prepering doughs and creams. It has a reduced fat content (70%).


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