Vegetable Ghee – 3kg

45,00 рсд

Vegetable Ghee is a product obtained by a special process of crystallization from the highest quality vegetable oils and vegetable fats. It has a distinct yellow color, a homogeneous structure and a taste reminiscent of butter. High nutritional value, rich content of biologically important unsaturated fatty acids, easy digestibility, excellent taste and aroma make it a good food for human health. It is especially significant as a source of vitamin E that the body cannot produce, so its intake through food is needed. Since Vegetable fat is made exclusively from vegetable fats, it does not affect cholesterol production. It is recommended for the preparation of all kinds of meals and cakes, as well as for the diet of people who consume foods exclusively of plant origin. Specific in appearance, taste, smell and color, this product is intended for a special purpose, as a substitute for cow butter.

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Nutritional value per 100 g
Energija / Energy
3700 kJ /900 kcal
Masti (Fats)
Od kojih zasićene masne kiseline
(of which saturated fatty acid)
100 g

28.2 g

Ugljeni hidrati (Carbohydrates)
Od toga šećeri (of which sugars)
0 g
0 g
Proteini (Proteins)
0 g
So (salt)
0 g