Tartar sauce – 1kg

Tartar sauce is a condiment primarily composed of mayonnaise. Tartar sauce can also be enhanced with the addition of gherkins, other varieties of pickles, and lemon juice as well as herbs such as dill and parsley. It is most often used as a condiment with seafood dishes such as clam strips, fried oystersfish and chipsfish sandwiches, and fish fingers, among many other dishes.



Nutritional value per 100 g
Energija / Energy
1197 kJ/290 kcal
Masti (Fats)
Od kojih zasićene masne kiseline
(of which saturated fatty acid)
30 g

3,6 g

Ugljeni hidrati (Carbohydrates)
Od toga šećeri (of which sugars)
4,6 g
1,6 g
Proteini (Proteins)
0,5 g
So (salt)
1,10 g