Salad mayonnaise – 2kg

Salad mayonnaise is made from high quality sunflower oil of egg yolks, sugars, salt, vinegar and mustard. In the household it is intended for eating and as an accessory for the preparation of various types of salads of meat and vegetables. It is also used to make sauces and dressings.



Energija / Energy
1904 kJ/463 kcal
Masti (Fats)
Od kojih zasićene masne kiseline
(of which saturated fatty acid)
50,0 g

6,0 g

Ugljeni hidrati (Carbohydrates)
Od toga šećeri (of which sugars)
2,7 g
1,6 g
Proteini (Proteins)
0,5 g
So (salt)
1,04 g