Vital mustard jis a new product in Vital’s range that is made according to the traditional recipe of old masters. Vital mustard is a great addition to any dish, coming in three different variants: Classic, Chilli and Spicy Herbs.
Classic taste is the perfect choice for the biggest mustard lovers and those who enjoy its “fierce” taste.
If you love spicy foods, Vital Chilli mustard is the right choice for you. We recommend consuming it with sausages and veal steaks.
Vital Mustard with spices complements every sandwich because it gives it a fresh aroma.
Vital mustard can be combined in many ways and with a variety of dishes. It can be served with juicy sausages and steaks, as well as a side dish. Its unique taste enhances every meal and even the simplest sandwich becomes special with the taste of Vital Mustard.
If you want a Mediterranean salad, Vital Mustard can also be used as the perfect dressing.
All mustard lovers will be able to purchase the new Vital product at all better-supplied stores.


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