Mayonnaise Mayovita Delicatesse is a product of very high nutritional value. It is made of high-quality sunflower oil, egg yolks, sugar, salt, mustard and flavours. All the ingredients included in the composition of the product are of a guaranteed high quality.

Mayonnaise Delicatesse has an extraordinary flavour, it is easy to digest, and, due to these characteristics, it is used as food, and as addition to all kinds of meat and vegetable salads. All kinds of mayonnaise are thermostable.



Mayovita light lenten mayonnaise is the product suitable for a low calorie diet as it does not contain cholesterol. It is made of a reduced quantity of high-quality sunflower oil and without egg yolks. In addition to oil, the product contains pure natural starch, salt, sugar, mustard, vinegar and other spices.

While selecting the raw materials that constitute the product, the quality of raw materials and the process of their obtaining has the extreme importance. Due to its properties, Light Mayonnaise can be used for food and as an addition to salads.

Since it contains the raw materials of plant origin only, it is recommended for nutrition of vegetarians and at the time of fasting.

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