Mayovita Mayonnaise Delicatess is biologically valuable, easily digestible product of exceptional flavour. All its ingredients have been attested to high quality.

It is an excellent supplement to sandwiches, meat and vegetable salads and a basic ingredient of many dressings. Different types and sizes of packaging can satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

All Vital mayonnaise products are heat stable.



Mayovita light fat-free mayonnaise is suitable for low calorie diet since it is cholesterol-free.

It is manufactured using high quality sunflower oil in reduced quantities and without egg yolks. In addition to oil, its ingredients include pure natural starch, salt, sugar, mustard, vinegar and other spices.

When selecting raw ingredients for the product, the quality of raw material and the process used to obtain them play a very important role.

Thanks to its properties, light mayonnaise can be used to prepare dishes and as a salad dressing. Since its ingredients are solely of vegetable origin, it is recommended for vegetarian diets and during fasting.

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