Visit Univerexport stores and enjoy the taste of pastry made with Vital whipped cream-flavoured
Use the margarine to make your own pastry!
 A pack of ready-made thin dough layers
 1.2L of milk
 10 tablespoons of sugar
 5 tablespoons of flour
 3 whipped cream puddings
 200g of white chocolate
 250 Vital whipped cream-flavoured margarine
 3 tablespoons of sugar powder
Boil the milk with sugar. Use a portion of the milk to mix the pudding and flour in it. When the milk
starts boiling, added the mixture inside and stir it until it thickens. Just before you remove it from the
hot plate, add 150 g of chocolate and stir it until it melts completely.
Remove from the stove and leave it to cool down covered in transparent foil or a bag to prevent the
crust from forming on the surface.
Mix the margarine with three spoonfuls of sugar powder. When the filling cools down, mix it with the
margarine (use a hand mixer).
Spread the filling on each of the ten thin dough layers. Apply some filling on the top layer and spray it
with the chocolate chips.
You will definitely be lavished in praises!
Bon Appetite!